Capcom veteran Inafune doesn't rely on social game metrics 'slavishly'

Keiji Inafune
Keiji Inafune

Since his 23-year stint with Capcom abruptly ended nearly a year ago, Japanese game designer Keiji Inafune (pictured) is already at work making new games, namely social games. With two games in the works for both DeNA and Gree--J.J. Rockets and Island of Dr. Momo, respectively--Inafune looks to do things a little differently in the mobile social games space, according to a talk with Gamasutra.

"So I don't rely on metrics slavishly; I give them quick looks, absorbing them and reflecting them against my own thoughts to analyze what they mean," Inafune told Gamasutra." Game creators have to be really good at that internal sort of analysis; otherwise you're just looking toward marketing data for your game ideas, and a computer can do that."

Inafune went on to say, "If you rely on those, then basically what you've got is a set of numbers that don't necessarily tell you anything. Just because you know what someone's favorite food doesn't mean you really know the person." Compelling, huh? The creator of storied franchises like Mega Man thinks social games might herald of the future of video games. Period.

"I think that eventually, we're see a new kind of game which is neither console nor social, one that overcomes the obstacles that both current game styles have to deal with," Inafune said to Gamasutra. "I don't know what that's going to be yet, though, so that's why I'm trying to learn more about this market."

The designer went on to say that the persistent "me-too" trend in social game creation needs to stop if we're to see this happen. And Keiji, we couldn't agree more. In pursuit of this fresh new form of social game, Inafune recently opened his own studio, Comcept. Now, how do we make such games profitable enough for more designers to bite?

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