Brando's House Is For Sale, Brando's House Is For Sale

Sorry, did I just repeat myself? There are moments when it's clear that I simply don't have anything more to say. Thank you to Curbed for helping me realize this.

So in a supreme example of meta-journalism, I will quote Curbed who quoted me: "I've been waiting an entire journalism career to write this next sentence: Marlon Brando slept here." The late actor's Sherman Oaks, Calif., house was listed at $2.8 million when I first wrote about it in 2009 for the Los Angeles Times. Now it's back on the market at $1.65 million.

And what I didn't say then, but will say now: Unless The Man himself is included in the price, I find my interest waning. The back story here is arguably more interesting than the home itself. The property is owned by Brando's housekeeper-baby mama (although they sure didn't call them that back in the day).

It has five bedrooms in 3,027 square feet, and a pool with a diving board made by Brando for his kids -- which probably would fetch a pretty penny on eBay.

Here's hoping we have a "contenda" in Round Two.

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