Beat down wizards for sweet deals with Wizardia on Facebook and mobile

mobile location-based app
mobile location-based app

Wizardia, an upcoming sword-and-sorcery Facebook game by Lithuanian developer Yummi Apps, seems to promise everything cool these days. Wizardia is both an Android and iOS game with Google Maps integration for location-based gameplay and sponsored real world prizes.

Taken separately, none of these features are particularly novel, since Parallel Kingdom is another fantasy mobile title that's already well-known for its use of Google Maps. Games And Prizes is entirely devoted to the namesake. But Yummi Apps, which just recently remodeled itself from a commercial apps producer into a social games developer, plans to bring all these elements into one package. And they plan to pull it off sometime this fall, too.

As far as what playing Wizardia would be like, Yummi Apps hopes to combine city building with turn-based strategy. According to a release, Yummi Apps specifically cites CityVille as an inspiration, and gives a nod to the PC stalwart, Heroes of Might and Magic.

Though billing itself as "the first social game in the world to integrate real life into online gaming" would be a lie, Wizardia does enough to take the concept farther than most. Not to jinx Wizardia, which looks more polished than anything we've seen before (just watch the above trailer), but we've also known of similarly ambitious projects that never took off. Yet if everything works out, one day this brand-integrated Facebook game will have you battling in a Barnes & Noble for a book discount. Or perhaps, like Rovio's caffeinated plans for Angry Birds, you could get your game on in Starbucks for free cups of coffee.

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