G5 builds a free download of Virtual City Playground on iPhone, Android

Virtual City Playground
Virtual City Playground

CityVille Hometown is the only definitive CityVille experience on iPhone, but some mobile gamers might dream bigger. That's where Swedish developer G5 hopes to come in with Virtual City Playground for iPhone and Android. The game was just released to both devices for absolutely free, which allows players to enjoy its Sandbox Mode, building and maintain their own city.

Recently released to the iPad in August, the game appears to take numerous factors into consideration as players develop their cities like mass transit, recycling and general eco-friendliness. Players get to launch community events in their cities to keep citizens happy, which contribute to the balance players must keep between Time, Income, Environment, Population, and Happiness for a successful city.

G5 will provide free updates to the game regularly, but Virtual City Playground contains 87 quests that you must pay up to access through in-app purchases. And just like its city-builder competition, the game sports Game Center and Facebook integration as well as 95 achievements to earn.

And when you keep Virtual City Playground in the background, it's said that your citizens will continue to work for you by transporting goods. Not much seems to have changed since the game hit iPad, but that doesn't seem to be the point. If you've yet to get a look at what Virtual City Playground is all about, check out this trailer. (Hint: It looks a lot ... like, way similar to most city-builders.)

Click here to download Virtual City Playground on iPhone and here to download on Android Now >

Are you interested in taking on another city-builder on your mobile phone? What do you think of G5's approach to the crowded city-builder genre on both Facebook and mobile? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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