Nordeus passes Top Eleven's stat-crunching soccer to Android devices

Top Eleven for Android
Top Eleven for Android

Before you get into a tizzy, it was for the sake of the headline--we all know it's known as "football" everywhere else in the world. Serbian social game creator Nordeus announced that its hit football simulator game Top Eleven has launched for Android phones. Of course, the game is 100 percent free to download right here. But more importantly, the game allows for cross-platform play.

This means that, if you started something with Top Eleven on Facebook, you can easily pick it back up on Top Eleven for your Android phone later. For all intents and purposes, the game is essentially the same as it is on Facebook, which currently caters to 3.1 million monthly players, according to AppData. However, there are certain advantages that Android users might have over the non-mobile competition.

Top Eleven for Android takes advantage of push notifications, "reminding [players] to bid on the best strikers and hiring medics to overcome player injuries," according to a release. This way, Android players have no excuse to miss lucrative player transfers or training timers that keep their teams in tip-top shape.

This new version of the game comes just after Nordeus updated Top Eleven on Facebook to Version 2.0. Top Eleven for Android marks Nordeus's new motto: "Unifying gaming experiences throughout devices and platforms," as company CEO Branko Milutinović told us recently.

"Top Eleven on Android allows you to never miss the big match and discreetly access and manage your team at critical moments, so that you can win the league even if in real life you're stuck in a boring business meeting," Milutinović said in a release. Aha! We think your staff might be onto you, Branko.

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