Pioneer Trail survey details possible animal breeding feature

While we've seen plenty of features dealing with animals launch in Pioneer Trail over the past months (animal storage and mastery being two of the largest), Zynga apparently isn't ready to stop releasing more features dealing with our (sometimes) furry friends on the Homestead. It has released a new survey on the game's official forums asking for player opinions on what could be some eventual features in the game.

We've seen surveys like this in the past, and while all of the features detailed therein don't always come true, it's still interesting to see what ideas the PT team might be tossing around. Here, we're asked if we would like to see animal breeding enter the game (specifically, if we would like to be able to breed new - even rare - breeds of Sheep, Pigs, Cattle and Horses), or if we'd like to see a system of Skill Points added to the game that could be used to unlock new animals in the store.

If you're not into the breeding idea, we're also given an option of being able to help sick newborns become healthy, which leads us to believe that some baby animals might be found at random like Injured Critters.

Ultimately, when it comes to surveys that are this focused on a single topic (here, the topic is animal breeding), it's likely that the team has already decided to go through with the release, but might fine tune the specific details based on user responses. That is, now that it's been mentioned, I can't see animal breeding not come to Pioneer Trail, unless the player response was so overwhelmingly negative as to terrify the team from doing it. As that's not likely to happen, however, the only real question that remains is when exactly we'll see this launch. You can be sure we'll let you know when it does.

What do you think of the idea of animal breeding in Pioneer Trail? If breeding does come to the game, would you like to see babies become sick and require healing? Should we be able to grow them into adults, or would you want them to stay as baby animals forever? Share your thoughts on this potential new feature with us in the comments.