Since Lady Gaga v. Lady Goo Goo, Mind Candy CEO remains defiant

Lady Goo Goo
Lady Goo Goo

Alright, so the case wasn't really "Lady Gaga v. Lady Goo Goo," but that sounds way cooler than "Lady Gaga v. Mind Candy." Speaking with, Mind Candy CEO Michael Acton Smith said, "I'm always up for a good battle if anyone else wants to do this." He was referring to Lady Gaga's lawyers' recent injunction against the Moshi Monsters creator for "The Moshi Dance," a YouTube music video starring Lady Goo Goo, one of its many annoying if adorable parody characters.

"I think a lot of people have been surprised by the judgment," Acton Smith said. "I personally think the law in this area is too strict and there are people looking at it for review at the moment. I think it would have been fine in the US where parody is much more acceptable. And it's not detracting from her sales or damaging her in my opinion, and so I think it was a bit frustrating."

The decision was reached last week in a London courthouse, but oddly enough the ruling only prevents Mind Candy from creating musical material with Lady Goo Goo--she can still exist within the game. Just as the developer readied to release the video as a single on iTunes, the lawyers swooped in. But Acton Smith told that he plans to press onward with an album of Moshi Monsters music and a live tour featuring the critters.

"We're having discussions around that at the moment," Acton Smith told "But obviously we do need to be a little bit careful, because the high court must be respected when they injunct something." The Mind Candy CEO said this in response to questions about Dustbin Beaver, the plain-as-day parody of Justin Bieber in Moshi Monsters, which boasts 50 million players these days. We hear Bieber's lawyers' have equally helmet-like hair that's impervious to defense arguments. God speed, Moshlings.

Do you think Lady Gaga and her lawyers were right in getting an injunction against the use of Lady Goo Goo? How do you think Bieber and his lawyers might respond to Dustbin Beaver? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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