Hairstylist Says Paul McCartney's Ex, Heather Mills, Owes $80,000 For Haircuts

The ex-wife of former-Beatle Paul McCartney is being sued by her hairstylist for failure to pay for more than a dozen $5,000 haircuts, according to court documents.

Celebrity hairstylist David Miramontes, who goes professionally by the name David Paul, claims that he began providing Heather Mills (pictured at left) haircuts in 2005, during an effort by the former model to revive her career, reports Mills' moves included appearances on ABC's "Dancing With The Stars."

The celebrity gossip news site reports that Mills used Miramontes' services at least 20 times, but never paid the stylist despite receiving tens of millions of dollars after she and McCartney officially split in 2008.

Heather Mills being suedMiramontes says that Mills began to avoid him later that year, after he made several requests for payments totaling $80,000.

In the complaint, Miramontes says that Mills claimed she couldn't afford to pay him his standard $5,000 out-of-shop fee because McCartney wasn't providing her enough money. But she promised to pay up as soon as she could.

"On a couple of occasions, David went to a house Mills was renting in Malibu to provide his out-of-shop daily services. David learned that Mills was renting a $100,000 per month house but Mills, again, said she did not have the money to pay David for his services but would pay after her divorce settlement," according to Miramontes' federal complaint, Courthouse News reports.

Miramontes discovered after Mills' 2008 divorce that she had lied about her lack of financial wherewithal, learning that McCartney had been providing her $1 million annually in pocket money, according to the court documents.

The hairstylist wants his $80,000 bill to be paid, as well as punitive damages for intentional misrepresentation and false promise.

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