FarmVille Pic of the Day: Retire in style at Tamilyn3's Halloween Estates

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Are you a mad scientist, an abominable creation, or a reclusive vampire who just wants to play Facebook games instead? Then head on down to Tamilyn3's FarmVille Halloween Estates farm, where pitchforks are banned and you won't find an angry mob for miles around. With over a dozen Halloween buildings available including the Haunted Castle, Haunted House and Haunted Hut, residents can live in style. Want something a bit more cozy? There's also a Frankenstein Lab, Candy Corn House, Candy Corn Home, Halloween Cottage and Pumpkin Cottage.

Aside from these lovely buildings, we've also got a local cemetery (for those of you who enjoy staying buried), lots of surrounding orchards and the south involves a full working farm. Each residence is also tended to by a costumed gnome (who are supposedly way more reliable than Igors). This kind of self-sufficiency means you won't ever have to leave home to bite into the neck of a goat--you can just have a fresh jar of blood delivered to your door on midnights.

If you like seclusion and sailing, we've got the original Mayflower Ship (from the 2010 Thanksgiving Basket) docked at one of two waterfalls. (They're actually made of blue hay bales, but that's our little secret.) For a smaller body of water, head out a bit west to Kraken Lake, home of our resident legendary sea monster. Maybe you can read some Tennyson together. And don't worry, he doesn't bite. He just swallows whole.

If you were one of the famously undead, which would you be and where would you live? Sound off in the comments.Add Comment

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