FarmVille: Home Farm Unwither Ring back for five days only

Here we go again, farmers! Your opportunity to purchase one of the most exclusive (yet functional) items in the entirety of FarmVille is now once again here. If you've yet to purchase an Unwither Ring for your farm, you now have the opportunity to do so by heading into the game's store on your Home Farm and shelling out Farm Cash to do so. How much Farm Cash? A whopping 250, to be exact.

If you're new to the game, or just need a refresher, the Unwither Ring is a permanent addition to your farm that will stop your crops from withering ever again. It doesn't matter how long you leave them; you can go on vacation, or simply stop playing the game for an extended period of time, but will come back to fresh crops when you do finally return.

As usual, if you already have a ring, or know someone who might get more use out of it (or just appreciate the gesture), you can also send an Unwither Ring to a special farmer in your life. This particular version comes in a blue box, but functions the same as those released previously. To make things especially clear, when you click on the item in the store, you're told that this Unwither Ring will be locked to your "Home Farm," so you'll still have to worry about withering crops on your English Countryside and Lighthouse Cove farms.

With the current rate of exchange for Farm Cash, this Unwither Ring costs more than $40 - is it worth it? Some farmers must think so, or Zynga wouldn't keep releasing the ring for purchase. Still, it does leave me to wonder what other in-game goodies I could be spending all of that money on instead...

Have you purchased an Unwither Ring on any of your farms? Do you think the peace of mind is worth the high price tag? Sound off in the comments.