FarmVille Halloween Items: Dark Peach Tree, Black Guinea Pig and more

In tonight's FarmVille update, we see some Halloween items from previous years coming back to the farm, along with plenty of new items if you've got some Farm Cash or coins on hand to spare. There are two pairs of trees, along with some animals and decorations, and even another costume idea if you've yet to decide what you want your avatar to be this year. Check out all of the items below in our complete rundown.


Black Cherry Tree - 5 Farm Cash
Giant Black Cherry Tree - 5 Farm Cash
Dark Peach Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Giant Dark Peach Tree - 14 Farm Cash

The pair of Black Cherry Trees are re-releases here, which explains their cheaper price tags (too bad all tree couldn't still go for those prices, huh?). There's nothing different amount them, and the mastery points are the same, so there's no reason to purchase more if you already have a supply growing on your farm(s). As for the Dark Peach Trees, the Giant version can be earned for free from Mystery Seedlings (as you might have suspected), so there's also no reason to purchase it either (unless you simply can't wait for Mystery Seedlings and have to have one of these trees right now.


Hackney Palomino - 26 Farm Cash
Black Cherry Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Black Guinea Pig - 700,000 coins
Nightmare Chicken - 20 Farm Cash
Witch Cat - 12 Farm Cash

Here, the Black Cherry Horse and Witch Cat are re-releases, while the Hackney Palomino is yet another animal being released in the Halloween theme that really has nothing to do (visually, I mean) with the holiday. Still, if you're a Horse collector, get ready to spend some Farm Cash adding it to your collection.


Pumpkin Tree House - 25 Farm Cash

This one's only animation is a crow that sits on the top of the actual Pumpkin House, which is disappointing, as it would've been great to see the spider webs or lantern swinging in the breeze. Still, the item looks cool enough; I just don't know if it looks 25 Farm Cash cool enough. Maybe that's just me.


Eyeball Flower Bush - 80,000 coins
Eyeball Lake - 18 Farm Cash
Halloween Table - 100,000 coins
Bat Tree - 5 Farm Cash
Halloween Planter - 30,000 coins

Here, the Bat Tree is technically a new item, even though a very similar item has been released in the game in the past with the same name. This version of the Bat Tree is skinny, with a pumpkin resting alongside the trunk, while the older Bat Tree is much larger with a face that lights up through cutouts in the trunk. I point out these two differences as the in-store picture of this newest Bat Tree does look pretty similar to the item you might already have on your farm. If you're a collector, keep in mind that they are indeed different.

Also, if you purchase six of these items (trees and the like included), you'll receive an Owl Pumpkin for free. This Owl sits atop a barrel decorated with pumpkins and is therefore just a decoration, unable to be "harvested."

Avatar Costumes

Ghost - 150,000 coins
Skeleton Suit - 5 Farm Cash

You might already have the costume in your closet if you purchased it last year, so don't panic if it's not showing up in your market. As for the Skeleton Suit, this one's one of the cheapest options available (so far) this year, so if you'd like to dress up as a classic Halloween character, there you go.

These Halloween items will be available in the game's store for the next two weeks. Make sure to do some shopping fast, as it's likely that many more items will be released between now and Halloween proper, and you won't want to get overwhelmed!

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What do you think of tonight's new and re-released Halloween items? Which ones will you purchase for decorations on your farm? Sound off in the comments.