Family Feud & Friends on iOS makes the Facebook game mobile

While Family Feud on Facebook draws in around 1.6 million monthly players, developer Ludia is hoping to expand upon that number (or, at the very least, please established fans) by releasing Family Feud & Friends on iOS. The game is free on both iPhone and iPad (via a universal app), and both versions connect to Facebook, allowing you to experience all of the fun from the Facebook version right in the palm of your hand (or your lap, in the case of the iPad).

For those unfamiliar with the Facebook version, it's the same gameplay from the famous show, but streamlined. You're given three rounds of survey questions, with the top answers being hidden. It's your job to guess what a crowd of 100 average folks answered. Say you're asked: "What might men think women waste too much money on?" You could then answer things like "Makeup" or "Clothing," as those are things men might say stereotypically.

In this version of Family Feud, you're allowed to challenge complete strangers to earn a high score across these three rounds of asynchronous gameplay (meaning that you can come back at a later time to finish games without losing progress or points). Whoever has the most points goes on to play Fast Money. Like in the TV Show, you're allowed to answer a series of five questions with a single response, and can then post a request to your friends' Facebook walls, or even send them text messages or emails through your device to have them come help you out.


Like in the Facebook version of the game, you'll need to buy your way into episodes using coins. You'll receive coins for free on a daily basis, or will earn them by leveling up. You level up by earning more and more money from each episode you play. Technically, everything is as it should be, right down to the voice-actor you're used to on Facebook. You can even track your progress against your friends via high score charts or use the integrated Game Center support to earn achievements.

All told, we have had some slight server issues during our time with the game, that forced us to reconnect or even stalled our progress entirely until we came back a while later. Still, it's expected that Ludia will continually update the game to fix these issues, which would definitely make this one mobile social game to watch out for. Will Ludia release more "& Friends" versions of its Facebook game shows? We'll make sure to let you know if it does.

Have you tried Family Feud & Friends? What other game shows from Facebook would you like to see given the mobile treatment? Sound off in the comments.

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