CityVille Up for Auction Timed Goal: Everything you need to know

Just as quickly as you can beat the Art Show Timed Goal in CityVille (or perhaps even before), there's already another Timed Goal available for you to complete! You must be level 50 or above to be eligible to start this Timed Goal, which sees Bella (the actress character) selling some of her past movie memorabilia in a charity auction. That being said, the tasks here aren't themed as much as they likely should be. Either way, here's how to complete the Up for Auction goal!

  • Get 8 Auctioneer Mallets

  • Collect from 30 Businesses

  • Collect one time from City Hall

It doesn't seem to matter which businesses you collect from, so if you still have any that require incredibly low amounts of Goods, feel free to cycle through those few to reach the 30 limit as quickly as you can, while also retaining the biggest amount of Goods for regular use.

If you can finish this goal in just 24 hours, you'll walk away with the Gold Trophy, 2,200 coins, 1,100 Goods and the Alien Attack decoration. This is a movie set piece that offers a 14% payout bonus to surrounding businesses and residences. If it looks familiar, that's because it has also been available in the store for 20 City Cash.

If you can't finish within 24 hours, you'll still have a chance at the 2,200 coins and 1,100 Goods for the Silver Trophy, and just the Goods when finishing with Bronze. Remember, once you get to the Bronze Trophy level, the time limit for the goal is removed entirely, so you can take your time at that point, finishing it at your leisure. However, since you can choose when to manually start this goal in your town, it shouldn't be as difficult to earn the Gold Trophy as it may seem. Just wait until your City Hall is ready to be collected from, and you have plenty of Businesses with profits ready for the taking. At that point, you're left with just collecting the Mallets! Good luck!

What do you think of this newest Timed Goal? Do you think you'll be able to finish withing the brief 24-hour time limit? Sound off in the comments.