Cafe World Halloween Candy Bowl - Everything you need to know

While we've already brought you a complete guide to the eight Amelia's Treats goals in Cafe World's new Halloween event, this is but the beginning of the spooky content you'll have access to this month. For one, you can now build a Pumpkin Tree (which we've also told you about), and you can also collect Treats to redeem them for a variety of prizes.

To be specific, you'll be able to place a free Halloween Candy Bowl in your cafe. This allows you to browse through your various Cafe World neighbors, two at a time, and decide whether or not to send them a Trick or a Treat. You can also send a specific message to your friends if you'd like.

As your friends do the same, or as you collect Treats by asking your friends to send them to you (you'll need to ask for plenty of pieces of candy in the Halloween goals themselves), you'll be able to collect these pieces of candy and use them for (as of this writing) three prize within your Halloween Candy Bowl.

To be specific, here are the three prizes:

Fruit Flies - 5 Pieces of Candy
ScaryBerry Pie - 15 Pieces of Candy
Halloween 50% 4x Ultra-Stove - 30 Pieces of Candy

If appears that this Fruit Flies item is an ingredient used in the Taste Lab for Signature Dishes, while the Scaryberry Pie looks to be a full recipe in and of itself.

Another element to this feature is the ability to pass out candy to your customers in the same sort of way as you serve Coffee or Drinks (that is, if you still do that manually). Just wait for a red candy symbol to be over a guest's head, and then click on them to give them a piece of candy. You won't take candy away from your overall stockpile (used to earn the rewards listed above), but you will lost any of the "Available" candy that's listed inside you bowl. The more you participate in this event, the more candy you'll have free to give away, and the more rewards (coins, Special Delivery Boxes and the like), you'll earn as prizes!

With this feature, along with the series of Amelia's Treats goals, you're looking at a fairly time-consuming set of Halloween events in your Cafe. What's more - they'll apparently all expire in a matter of just 14 days! Is that enough time to complete everything? You tell us!

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What do you think of the Halloween Candy Bowl feature in Cafe World? Will you try to make your way through all of the goals in time, or are you more concerned with earning treats for these Candy Bowl prizes? Sound off in the comments.