Toyota's Social Network Racer flaunts flashy concept car [Video]

Toyota FT-86 II
Toyota FT-86 II

Sure, branded games are huge on Facebook, but Toyota is just plain showing off. The global car manufacturer announced its first branded Facebook game, Social Network Racer. (Wow, original, huh?) The game, which launches Oct. 19 at 11 p.m. PST right here, is designed to promote the company's brand new product model car that will be officially unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show this December.

Social Network Racer is said to run from Oct. 19 right up until Dec. 31, or the very day the Tokyo Motor Show opens to the public. If you hadn't guessed already from the game's brilliant title, players will race the concept car around a predetermined track in full 3D, thanks to Flash Player 11. Come to think of it, Toyota may be one of the first to use the new Flash Player's 3D capabilities commercially.

The track is only predetermined to a point: The track's surroundings will incorporate information from your Facebook profile like photos and News Feed updates as if they were billboards and video advertisements. According to a release, players will get to create and host their own races with their friends, and compete in events hosted by Toyota.

A special event known as the Toyota Championship will pit racers against each other for the ultimate prize: a trip to Tokyo, Japan to see Toyota's mysterious concept car in the flesh--err, metal, rubber and chrome. Oh, and if you win, you'll also receive "a secret prize," a Toyota representative tells us.

Gearheads, it's OK to nerd squeal now. Based on the preview trailer below, the concept car looks to be a variation of the FT-86 II unveiled at this year's Geneva Motor Show. Also, we doubt that the driving displayed in this preview is indicative of what Toyota's concept car is capable of. Well, we sure hope not.

(Editor's Note: This post was edited for clarity regarding the prize in store for players and the car to be featured at this year's Tokyo Motor Show.)

Click here to play Social Network Racer starting Oct. 19, 11 p.m. PST >

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