Order & Chaos Online accounts hacked on both Facebook and mobile

Order & Chaos Online hacked
Order & Chaos Online hacked

Update: Gameloft has provided us with the following statement:

"The Gameloft Live web version has suffered from a security issue, and about 100 users saw their accounts impacted by this problem. Among those were players of Order & Chaos Online, whose accounts have been affected. All users who have contacted us have seen their account situation restored."

"As less than 1 % of Gameloft Live users access Gameloft Live through the web version, we have decided to close the web version of Gameloft Live. We are taking this situation very seriously, and it is a priority for us to keep players' data protected."

Here we go again. Pocket Gamer reports that French mobile and social game company Gameloft has confirmed that a number of Order & Chaos Online players on both Facebook and mobile devices have had their accounts hacked. Gameloft digital marketing and community manager Callum Rowley told Pocket Gamer that Gameloft is investigating the breach.

The exact number of compromised accounts is unknown as of this writing, but the Gameloft forums are filled with player complaints that urge the company to shut down the game entirely while it resolves the situation. According to Pocket Gamer, the most popular theory for how the hack--which appears to be exclusive to Order & Chaos Online--was possible is that someone used a "sniffer", or a snippet of code that intercepts data sent to a device or network between players.

This way, the hacker can easily read the log-in information of the player with whom he or she chatted or traded with, the direct communications necessary to "sniff out" the personal data. However, this has yet to be confirmed by Gameloft, and is merely a popular theory spreading on the game's forums. As far as we know, up to 50,000 Order & Chaos player accounts could have been compromised on Facebook, as that's what AppData reports is the game's monthly active player base. We've contacted Gameloft for comment.

Are you an Order & Chaos Online player, and has your account been compromised? How do you think Gameloft should handle such a situation? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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