FarmVille Huge Jack-O'Lantern Goals: Everything you need to know

To coincide with the launch of the Huge Jack-O'Lantern in FarmVille last night, Zynga has now launched a new nine-part goal series across all three farms that deal with Halloween tricks and treats. That's right, there are nine goals to complete in all, with a two-week limit being placed on the whole bunch. As you can complete them even back in your Home Farm, however, you aren't limited to how many plots you can plant at once (that is, unless you farm simply can't hold anymore due to its size), so at least farming-specific tasks won't be as difficult as those found in Lighthouse Cove's many goals. Either way, here's a complete guide to making your way through these Huge Jack-O'Lantern goals!

A Peculiar Place

  • Get 6 Halloween Masks

  • Expand Jack-O'Lantern to Stage 1

  • Harvest 100 Black Tulips

The six Halloween Masks can be earned by posting a general news item to your feed asking your friends to help you out. As for the Black Tulips, these are a limited time crop that takes a full day to grow. For finishing this first goal, you'll receive 100 XP, a Cauldron and 1,000 coins.

Something Amiss

  • Get 6 Candy Buckets

  • Upgrade Jack-O'Lantern to Stage 2

  • Harvest 150 Squash

The stages of the Jack-O'Lantern are reached at 25, 50, 75, 100, and 150 Treats (thus far). You should have no problem earning a few dozen, however, even if all you did was collect bonuses posted by your friends as I'm sure that the vast majority of your neighbors will be readily participating in this event as well. Squash, meanwhile, takes a full two days to grow. For completing this second goal, you'll earn 100 XP, a Creepy Plant decoration and 1,000 coins.

Et Tu, Duckula

  • Get 6 Lollipops

  • Harvest Duckula's Castle

  • Harvest 150 Black Tulips

Again, the Lollipops are earned through a general news feed item. The Duckula's Castle - once constructed - can be harvested from once every 24 hours. Finish this goal and you'll receive 100 XP, 1,000 coins and a Pumpkin Chicken (that's a cute tan chicken dressed as a pumpkin, of course).

An Unexpected Guest

  • Get 6 Banquet Invitations

  • Harvest 1 Orchard

  • Harvest Pumpkin Chicken

Just place your Pumpkin Chicken out on your farm as soon as you receive it and you'll simply need to wait for it to be ready to harvest. There have been bugs in the past that prevent things from counting if you place the animals in storage buildings, so I'd suggest leaving it out in the open until you've passed at least this goal. Finishing this goal gives you 100 XP, a Candelabra (a re-released decoration from previous years' themes) and 1,000 coins.

A Poignant Proposition

  • Get 6 Party Favors

  • Expand Jack-O'Lantern to Stage 4

  • Harvest 150 Pumpkins

Pumpkins take eight hours to grow. Once you finish this goal, you will have officially reached the halfway point of these goals, and you'll receive 100 XP, a Gargoyle Statue (another re-released decoration) and 1,000 coins.

A Magnificent Banquet

  • Get 6 Table Centerpieces

  • Master Pumpkin Chicken to One Star

  • Harvest 150 Black Tulips

If you only rarely clean out your Gift Box, you might have some extra Table Centerpieces in your inventory, as they've been used before in goals in Lighthouse Cove (as have a few other items we've already seen in these goals). If not, this one is earned through direct requests sent to individual friends. For finishing this goal, you'll receive 250 XP, 2,500 coins and a Vampiress Duck.

Wolf? Where?!

  • Get 10 Spooky Decorations

  • Harvest 300 Pumpkins

  • Harvest Vampiress Duck

Spooky Decorations are earned through individual gift requests. Finish this goal and you'll receive 500 XP, a Tombstone and 5,000 coins. Yet again, this Tombstone is a re-released item that you might already have on your farm or in storage.

Hitting the Books

  • Get 10 Old Books

  • Harvest Duckula's Castle

  • Harvest 400 Red Tulips

The Old Books are earned through a news feed post, while Red Tulips take a full day to harvest. Remember, these goals aren't specific to one farm, so if you don't have 400 individual plots on a single farm, feel free to plant some on multiple farms until you reach the required total. For finishing this goal, you'll receive 500 XP, a Pumpkin Horse and 5,000 coins.

A Hairy Situation

  • Get 12 Spooky Grails

  • Harvest 500 Black Tulips

  • Master Black Tulips to Two Stars

If you had already started planting Black Tulips before this goal series even launched, you very well may have mastered the entire crop (again, before the goal series started). That being the case you'll simply need to make your way through these various requirements until this mastery task completes itself in the end. Wasted time? Sure, but at least you'll receive some pretty cool prizes along the way. Speaking of, finishing this final goal in the Huge Jack-O'Lantern goal series gives you 500 XP, one Pegacorn and 5,000 coins.

While this goal series is a lengthy one, I wouldn't put it past the big Z to release another goal series, or even another Halloween-themed event in the game before things are said and done. If that happens to be the case, we'll make sure to let you know.

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What do you think of these Huge Jack-O'Lantern goals in FarmVille? Are you excited to earn these prizes, or were you hoping for something more / different? Sound off in the comments.