Atari's Heroes of Neverwinter gets ghoulish and ghastly for Halloween

Heroes of Neverwinter Halloween
Heroes of Neverwinter Halloween

For a game that's all about slaying the undead and green-skinned beasts in dank dungeons, Halloween comes pretty easy. Atari has updated its flagship Facebook RPG (role-playing game), Heroes of Neverwinter, with a bevy of Halloween content in celebration of being the third-fastest growing social game on AppData last week.

Namely, the update brings three brand new encounters for players of multiple levels. But Atari threw in a list of new items and bonuses. Oh, and the developer did some redecorating around town to get the feeling right. Here's a look at all the new Halloween content in Heroes of Neverwinter:

  • Gobble up a free Underdark Cookie, added to each player's Chest of Wonders, which permanently increases one character's maximum hit points!

  • Find and acquire other potently powerful potables and treats, including Zombie Juice, Potions of Black Cat's Grace, Glyphs of Terror, and more!

  • Delve into new dungeons to claim rare and wondrous items, including wearable masks (who doesn't want to be a kobold or an ogre for Halloween?), a Skeletal Crossbow, and high level rings!

  • Thwart a sinister Thayan plot in a new three-part adventure series!

  • Level 1: Bones, Thugs and Sorcery can be found in Neverwinter

  • Level 5: Trick or Trap can be found in the Ruins of Illefarn

  • Level 10: Monster Mash can be found in the Neverwinter Woods

  • Enjoy the sights and sounds of a seasonally revamped town hub, along with a variety of other game updates and improvements!

Atari fixed a litany of bugs found in Heroes of Neverwinter since its launch and released some new features, including clearer visuals while in fullscreen and improvements to the game's interface. Heroes of Neverwinter currently hosts 320,000 monthly players, but is on the up and up with 10,000 players added today, according to AppData. And we bet at least a few hundred of them are dressing up as elves for Halloween. What? Look, this is D&D--it's just deductive reasoning at that point.

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