CityVille celebrates the Golden Arches with branded McDonald's Restaurant

After the disappointment concerning the Coca Cola promotion in CityVille (that was only temporarily - as in, for a few hours - available in the United States), Zynga is apparently looking to make it up to users by partnering with yet another real-world brand for a new business in the game. This time, we're talking Big Macs and French Fries, as you can now build your very own McDonald's in town (at least for the next 19 days).

Whether you'd like to build just a single McDonald's, or create a more true-to-life scenario (with one on practically every corner), you'll be able to nab one (or ten) McDonald's Restaurants from the store for 5,000 coins each. Each one must be built separately and supplied with Goods individually, just like the game's other businesses. It takes 100 Goods to operate, and will give you 500 coins each time those Goods are used.

As with previous branded businesses (the Capital One Bank, for one), you'll have incentive to repeatedly supply and collect from your McDonald's, as you'll receive a special, limited edition decoration once you've reached 50 points (that's 50 cycles of supplying and collecting). There's a catch, however: you need to earn those points within the next 26 days. The decoration wasn't given a name in the few in-game pop-ups detailing this event, but we do know it comes with an 18% payout bonus. If anything, it will likely be a statue, as that's the route we've seen the game take before.

With this, we have now had a branded fast-food restaurant, electronics store (Best Buy), soda factory and even a bank. I can only imagine what sorts of businesses we'll see released next, but whatever they turn out to be, we'll make sure to let you know!

Have you already built a McDonald's or two in your CityVille town? What do you think of the look of this particular branded business? Sound off in the comments.