5 Ways Your Job Search Will Change In Autumn

autumn fall job search tipsBy Heather Huhman

Although the basics of a job search are essentially the same throughout every season, there are some differences based on the time of year when it comes to finding and landing a new job.

When the leaves begin to change color and the hot summer weather disappears, here are some changes you might expect to see in your job search:

More competition.

In the summer, some people stop looking for full-time employment in their chosen field and instead opt for a seasonal or summer job, such as construction, retail, landscaping, etc. Other individuals may choose to take the summer off from their job search for various reasons, such as their children being out of school, to take a long vacation, or to simply enjoy the nicer weather.

Seasonal and temporary needs.

While there are certainly seasonal needs during the summer months, come fall, different crops of seasonal jobs are likely to open up. Many stores need additional help for upcoming sales, such as Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving), or for the Christmas season. Other than retail, manufacturing, distribution and catering also tend to hire temporary workers during the fall.

Although a temporary position may not seem ideal, it can be a great way to get your foot in the door at a company. While not every temp job will lead to something more, it certainly could result in a part-time or full-time job offer. Either way, you're building your skill set and experience and securing references for the future.

Less distractions.
The summer is a tough time to spend inside job searching. Who wants to sit at a computer all day when you could be swimming with your friends or taking a vacation? In autumn, school starts back up, people go back to work and the majority of those distractions disappear. You'll be able to focus better and hopefully land a new job in less time.

More emphasis on networking.

Recruiting budgets start to shrink as the end of the year approaches, which means that more job openings will likely be filled through employee referrals or networking. Meet new people online and offline to learn about unadvertised job openings for which you might be a good fit.

The unexpected.

As companies are forced to balance their budgets towards the end of the year, you might encounter hiring freezes or delays. You might also come across hiring managers who are scrambling to fill an opening quickly. The key is to remain professional and flexible throughout your job search in order to land a new job opportunity.

Have you conducted a job search during autumn? What else makes this time of year different?

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