Pioneer Trail Haunted Homestead: Everything you need to know

I never thought I'd say this, but Pioneer Trail just might be going a bit overboard with the Halloween content this year. After releasing a behemoth Ghost Town - the massive map with three boss battles and an evil mayor to defeat - along with the Vampires / Werewolves Family Secret event between Fanny and Hank, I honestly thought we had seen the end of frights and screams around the Homestead. It turns out, that couldn't have been farther from the truth. Not content with stopping at these "smaller" features, Zynga has now haunted our entire Homestead in an event with a fitting name: The Haunted Homestead.

This event sees you completing12 goals to help some friendly ghosts with favors, with one goal being unlocked every day. We've seen this sort of setup before, where you'll be able to unlock goals early for Horseshoes or simply come back once per day to move on, and here it's no different. There are two sets of six goals available, and in the middle comes a prize to keep you going. That prize is the Black Cat, which will apparently follow us around our Homesteads once we've unlocked him/her. For finishing all twelve of these goals, you'll receive the Phantasm Horse - a black and ice blue horse that looks like it's on fire!

Here's a complete look at the 12 goals that will be released. Keep in mind this feature has yet to roll around to all users, and that you - again - will only be able to access one of these goals per day, if you choose to stick with the free option.

Good Eats

  • Harvest 25 Garlic

  • Tend 25 Adult Cows

  • Craft or Have 15 Batter

Garlic takes just 30 minutes to grow, while Batter is crafted inside the Inn using 20 Food and 900 coins each. Finishing this first goal gives you 250 XP, a Spirit Essence and one Tarot Card. These Tarot Cards are like contest entries for this Haunted Homestead event, giving you a chance to win a variety of prizes, ranging from bundles of 50 Horseshoes to Mystery Crates and even a grand prize of $5,000 in real US money!

'Til Death Do Us Part

  • Harvest 25 Red Roses

  • Collect the Cabin's Daily Bonus

  • Collect 15 Ghostly Photographs

Red Roses take 36 hours to grow, so feel free to use Boosts or ask your friends to come water your roses in order to either grow them faster, or simply make the game think you've already harvested them (in the case of friend visitation). Ghostly Photographs, meanwhile, are earned through individual requests sent to friends. For finishing this second goal, you'll receive 250 XP, another Spirit Essence and three Tarot Cards.

Rider on the Storm

  • Collect Pony Express Daily Bonus

  • Clear 30 Debris on Neighbors' Homesteads

  • Harvest 20 Apricot Trees

Finish this goal to earn 250 XP, a Spirit Essence and one Tarot Card. If you haven't noticed by now, a lot of the prizes for these goals will be identical or at least incredibly similar. That's completely normal.


  • Tend 40 Adult Goats

  • Collect Barn Daily Bonus Twice

  • Collect 10 Pottery Clay

Again, you'll need to ask for the Pottery Clay from friends. Meanwhile, keep track of the wording here. You don't have to sell 40 Adult Goats, just feed them. For completing this goal, you'll receive 500 XP, a Spirit Essence and four Tarot Cards.

The Ghost of Shining Cloud

  • Harvest 30 Corn

  • Tend 30 Adult Oxen

  • Collect 15 Sweet Alfalfa

Corn takes 12 hours to grow. Finishing this goal gives you 500 XP, a Spirit Essence and two Tarot Cards.

Ghost Bear

  • Clobbers 4 Bears

  • Sell 20 Adult Sheep

  • Collect 10 Honey Pots

Since you still have a few days before this goal will unlock for you, you might consider purchasing all new Sheep and then growing them up to sell later, and that way you don't have to break out any of your current reserves. Meanwhile, the Bears can be found by chopping down fully grown trees, or by chopping other trees at a much lower frequency. For completing this sixth goal, you'll have reached the halfway point in the event, and will receive 500 XP, a Spirit Essence and four Tarot Cards. You'll also unlock the Black Cat for your Homestead.

The Wandering General

  • Clear 35 Debris on your Homestead

  • Chop Pine Trees 35 Times on your Homestead

  • Harvest 45 Potatoes

Potatoes take four hours to grow. A Pine Tree, meanwhile, can be purchased from the store for around 332 coins, so feel free to purchase 35 of those and chop them each down to reach that particular requirement (if you don't have plenty of trees that need to be chopped down on your Homestead already). Finish this goal and you'll earn 750 XP a Spirit Essence and three Tarot Cards.

Double Trouble

  • Collect the Schoolhouse Daily Bonus Twice

  • Harvest 45 Sunflowers

  • Collect 15 Doll Clothes

It doesn't seem to matter here if you've already upgraded your School House, as you aren't specific told that it must be the Upgraded School House you're collecting from. Still, the opposite might also be true if a familiar bug comes with this goal - where the progress might not count if you've already upgraded. We'll be cautiously optimistic with this one - hopefully the developers learned from past mistakes and fixed that glitch before it can happen here. Either way, finishing this goal gives you 750 XP, a Spirit Essence and three more Tarot Cards.

Shear Terror

  • Collect the Barber Shop Daily Bonus Twice

  • Tend 55 Adult Sheep

  • Harvest 50 Flax

Flax takes eight hours to grow. When completing this goal, you'll earn 750 XP, a Spirit Essence and four Tarot Cards.

Shiver Me Timbers

  • Purchase Three Dinners from the Market

  • Craft or Have eight Granny's Gut Punch in the Saloon

  • Collect 10 Map Fragments

Dinners cost 320 Food each, while Granny's Gut Punches are crafted using five Iced Tea and five Granny's No. 5 each. For finishing this goal, you'll receive 1,000 XP, a Spirit Essence and six Tarot Cards.

The Merry Prankster

  • Collect the Jackalope Lodge Daily Bonus Twice

  • Clobber 6 Snakes

  • Collect 15 Rotten Apples

Finish this goal and you'll receive 1,000 XP, a Spirit Essence and five Tarot Cards.

Chain of Fools

  • Harvest 60 Neighbor Crops

  • Collect 11 Spirit Essences

  • Collect ten Ghostly Chain Keys

And here is where the Spirit Essences finally come into play. If you've already completed all eleven goals that come before this, you'll have this task completed just as soon as you activate the goal on your land. If one is slowing you down, however, you'll be happy to know that these goals are repeatable, so you'll be able to stock up on Spirit Essences that way if you'd like. For finishing this final goal, you'll receive 1,000 XP, 1,000 coins and 15 Tarot Cards. You'll also receive the Phantasm Horse, which can be ridden by your avatars. Note: Even if you repeat all of the goals again, you won't receive additional Black Cats or Phantasm Horses.

While all of this work was likely plenty to keep you busy, a final trio of goals is also available to complete, dealing mostly with the Tarot Cards that you'll collect by repeating the above 12 goals (quite a few times, I'd imagine). Here are those goals for your reference.

The Frontier Psychic

  • Collect 20 Tarot Cards

  • Complete the Haunted Homestead Goal "Ghosts" Twice

Finish this goal to receive 300 XP, five Tarot Cards and a Spooky Cat Tree for your Homestead.

The Frontier Diviner

  • Collect 70 Tarot Cards

  • Complete the Haunted Homestead Goal "The Ghost of Shining Cloud" Twice

Finish this goal and you'll earn 600 XP, 10 Tarot Cards and a White Cat

The Frontier Prophet

  • Collect 125 Tarot Cards

  • Complete the Haunted Homestead Goal "Double Trouble" Three Times

Finish this final goal and you'll earn 1,000 XP, 25 Tarot Cards and a Siamese Cat.

Keep in mind, the contest for collecting Tarot Cards will only take place across the next 13 days, so you'll want to complete (and repeat) as many of these goals as often as you can in that time frame. Good luck!

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What do you think of these Haunted Homestead goals or the event itself? Did Pioneer Trail need a third Halloween event this year? Sound off in the comments.