MapleStory Adventures hits home on Facebook in new content update

MapleStory Adventures Home
MapleStory Adventures Home

Remain calm: Nexon hasn't added the chance for home wreckers to ruin things just yet--only homes. The Korean developer of MapleStory Adventures, the Facebook edition of its hit online game, has allowed players to shack up in their very own homes. This major content update brings multifaceted living spaces to the game's 1.7 million monthly players, which players can visit daily.

At any point during play, you can now press the "Go Home" button on the right hand side of your screen to enter your house. From here, you can craft various items and enchant your own equipment to upgrade its effectiveness. The home space also features a peach tree that you can pick daily for extra experience, and a mail box to collect daily bonus items from.

Players can visit each friends' five times daily and help them reduce item crafting times or harvest their peach trees. But even for just visiting, players will score an experience bonus. Along with the homes, Nexon seems to have added a Heart Level, which we imagine works like Reputation does in most Facebook games. The update certainly helps MapleStory Adventures feel more like a full game like its predecessor. Now, for those additional class choices--I've got dibs on the Archer.

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