Game of the Day: Guardian Rock

guardian rock game of the day
In today's Game of the Day, you are the Guardian Rock. After an endless slumber, it's time to rise and defend your glorious temple from intruding archaeologists. As the Guardian of the temple, it's up to you to destroy all the puny humans by crashing into them using the arrow keys, then continue to the next room by entering the shining door. Avoid spikes, TNT and cannonballs and take use of the ancient traps and devices in the temple to drive all intruders out.

This game starts off fairly simple, but the challenge quickly increases. It's going to take some patience and practice to get through these puzzles. But if anyone can make it through, it's the dedicated players of Good luck!

Click here to play Guardian Rock!
guardian rock game of the dayguardian rock game of the day
How far were you able to get in Guardian Rock?
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