FarmVille Pic of the Day: Join Chubby Butterbean's tour of Pumpkinville


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Pumpkinville isn't a one-shot wonder that impresses with a single glance, but it's a romp for those of you who love detail. This FarmVille Halloween farm creation is the work of Chubby Butterbean, who specializes in crafting "working farms." Chubby basically builds farms where you can realistically visit if visitors were capable of shrinking down to size. But since we can't beam down shrunken versions of ourselves into Pumpkinville, Butterbean has opted to take tons of screenshots of his farm in a Zynga forum thread to give folks the grand tour.

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Starting off in the modestly-built Pumpkin Patch, we move onto the Apple Harvest Festival, Orchards, Fall Woods, and Harvest Lodge. For me, the most amazing picture is of the "Candy Corn Condos" which include the Candy Corn House, Candy Corn Home, Candy Corn Stallion, Candy Corn Gnome, and tons of Candy Corn crops. Next, is Heart Attack Villa and Pumpkin's Palace. There's also a Faerie Forest, Trick or Treat House, "The Leaky Cauldron" (which is totally a Harry Potter shout-out), Hideaway House, The Experimental Lab, Teen Wolf Shack & Cornfields, Duckula's Crypt and last but not least, The Haunted Mansion. Chubby Butterbean also wrote little stories for each location, so be sure to read the thread, too.

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