Mafia Wars 2 offers a free Winged Unicorn to FarmVille players

FarmVille Mafia Wars 2 Winged UnicornZynga's tapping into its base of faithful FarmVille farmers with a free Winged Unicorn if they can reach Level 5 in its latest game, Mafia Wars 2. This gorgeous, sexy beast sports a black body with a pair of metal wings and a metal horn. The unicorn also has a scarred leg, a patch of flame-shaped, gray fur on its chest, spiked knee pads and hooves covered in blue fire. That is one badass equine. If you have the need for steed, I suggest you don't pass this one up.

You can find the offer by playing FarmVille and looking at your neighbor bar on the bottom of the game screen. On the far right of the screen--where the model farm normally is--you'll find a picture of Zoe Sato, the Japanese Yakuza chick from Mafia Wars 2. Clicking on it will lead you to the pop-up, which will take you to the game.
Mafia Wars 2 FarmVille Winged Unicorn
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