FarmVille Huge Jack-O'Lantern: Everything you need to know

The time has finally come farmers! It's time to stop wondering when we'll be able to start redeeming tricks and treats for Halloween themed goodies in FarmVille, and time to start actually doing it! That's right, the Huge Jack-O'Lantern (otherwise known as this year's collection basket) has finally started rolling out to farmers. Here's what to expect!

You'll receive a pop-up giving you a free Huge Jack-O'Lantern the first time you login after the update has rolled around to you. This item is different from others, as it isn't simply a "basket" or "bucket" to hold treats; rather, it's a farm plot that will grow as you collect Treats. As of right now, there are six different prizes up for grabs by collecting Treats:

  • Mini Jack-O'Lantern - 5 Treats

  • Pumpkin Terrier - 15 Treats

  • Pumpkin Cow - 35 Treats

  • Big Candy Pumpkin - 75 Treats

  • Halloween Pond - 100 Treats

  • Nightmare Stallion - 170 Treats

As with the release of the Apple Barrel, this collection event gives you a chance to bypass collecting treats altogether if there's just a specific item or two you'd like to add to your farms, as you can purchase them outright with Farm Cash. One Treat equals one Farm Cash, so your prizes are the same as the amount of Treats you'd pay otherwise. If you'd rather go the free route, however, you'll be able to earn Treats by asking your friends to send them to you, or by using your Count Duckula's Castle (and the castles on friends' farms) to earn even more Treats on your own.

It's interesting that the biggest prize here is 170 Treats, as that's far less than the prices we've seen for such events' largest prizes in the past. For instance, the Eiffel Tower in the Valentine's Day event ended up costing 275 Valentines! Could this mean that additional prizes (perhaps an entire "page 2") will be added to the Huge Jack-O'Lantern before Halloween proper, or are we simply being given a break with this holiday? We'll make sure to keep an eye on things, and will let you know if additional prizes are added before all is said and done.

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Which of these six prizes are you most excited about earning on your farm? What other sorts of Halloween items do you hope Zynga releases before the end of the month? Sound off in the comments.