Earn 2 free FarmVille Farm Cash in Puss in Boots Promotion

If you're fast, you might have a chance of taking part in a new free Farm Cash promotion located under the FarmVille gameplay area this week. This one doesn't come labeled as the particular promotion it actually turns into; rather, you're simply asked to complete an unnamed activity to earn some free Farm Cash. Once you click on the window, you'll likely be greeted by the new Puss in Boots 3D movie promotion, which seems lengthy, but really isn't.

Technically, the activity asks you to watch three movie trailers in their entirety and then vote on which one you like best. You can feel free to do that, if you're genuinely interested in the movie, or don't want to "cheat," but if you're just in this for the Farm Cash (as I know many of you are - and I can't blame you), you can speed up your time in this activity considerably by simply clicking on each video long enough to let them start playing and then clicking on the next. Within a matter of 10 seconds, you'll be able to "vote" for your favorite and will walk away with two free Farm Cash for your time.

Interestingly, this seems to be one of those promotions that won't automatically update your Farm Cash total once you return to the game. If that's the case for you, you'll need to refresh the game completely in order to (hopefully) see your Farm Cash total having risen by two. What you do with those two free Farm Cash will be up to you, but we'll continue to bring you news about how you can earn more as soon as new promotions launch.

Have you been able to take part in the Puss in Boots 3D movie promotion? Are you saving your Farm Cash for something special, or do you like to spend it right away? Sound off in the comments.