Empires & Allies: Halloween items now available in the store

Brandy Shaul

You might think celebrating Halloween in a military-themed game might give Zynga a challenge, but never fear! The developer has launched a series of five decorative and functional items into the Empires & Allies store this week. Let's take a look.

For one, a Halloween Ghost Ship military unit is now available to users level 25 and above. For simple decoration, you can now purchase a Halloween JackOLantern for 1,500 coins. Arguably the most impressive item, however, is not one - but three Haunted Houses, separated in the store by size. The Small Haunted House, for instance, costs 4,500 coins, 225 Wood and 25 Iron. For that price, you'll have a home that sports 70 population and offers 300 coins in profits every 12 hours.

For the Medium Haunted House and Large Haunted House, these buildings look different, but function in the same way. The Medium Haunted House offers 160 population and 500 coins every 24 hours, while the Large Haunted House gives off 250 citizens and 650 coins every 36 hours. Remember though, as these homes do function as all others, and the citizens go to your population cap, you might need to build additional Government Buildings to raise your population cap before you can build them.

We've been told that additional Halloween items will be launching in the game later this week, but for now, why not take a look at these five items in the store? Everyone needs a little fright this Halloween, don't you agree?

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What do you think of these Halloween items released in Empires & Allies? What other sorts of Halloween-themed units would you like to see released in the game? Sound off in the comments.