CityVille: Land expansions up to 40% off for a limited time


Sounds pretty great right? With land expansions being a hot commodity in CityVille, but also very hard to earn (requiring both an increase in population and gathering plenty of Zoning Permits), you might think that any sale on Land Expansions would be great, right? In theory, I suppose this sale could be considered nice, but not when you take into account that it only changes the actual coin-price of purchasing them.

To be clear, this sale offers up to 40% off land expansions for users, but what exactly determines how many percent you'll save remains to be seen. It makes sense that it could be level based, or could even be determined by how many expansions you've already placed on your land, but the fact of the matter is that some users are simply going to save more than others.

Still, this expansion sale does nothing to change the amount of Zoning Permits you'll need to collect, or the amount of citizens you'll need to add to your town (requiring the building of homes, community buildings or both) before unlocking the ability to purchase them. For instance, in my case, I'm still left with adding over 1,000 citizens to my town, along with collect 33 more permits, only to finally be able to expand for a mere 20% off - 16,000 coins, down from 20,000, if you're keeping track.

So is it worth it? I suppose if you are already able to expand, without any additional work, that saving a few thousand coins might be appreciated, but the average user probably won't be able to make any use of this one. Now, if we suddenly had to collect less Zoning Permits, or add less citizens (even by 20%), I have a feeling far more of us would be willing to pay attention. We'll make sure to let you know if that day ever comes.

Will you try to expand earlier than normal just to save a few coins, or are you disappointed in this sale as well? Sound off in the comments.