AddictingGames on iPhone is the top free App Store app after 48 hours

AddictingGames iPhone
AddictingGames iPhone

Nickelodeon Games and AddictingGames look like they're on a roll, as the AddictingGames (AG) iPhone app became the number one free app on the App Store within just 48 hours of its launch. The app, which is more like a suite of games, packs 18 of the game portal's best games--well, those that work best with touch controls.

The company looks to constantly update the AG app with new games, and already three new games are slated to hit the app on Oct. 20 in a Halloween-themed update. The app features Facebook Connect integration, which allows players to share their high scores and achievements. Players can also share games they've discovered in the app, which should come more in handy as the list of available games grows.

The iOS version of AddictingGames comes just months after Nickelodeon Games released a Facebook app for its stable of 4,000 games this past spring to a healthy 1.3 million monthly players. Included in the AG iPhone app (we've been told that an iPad-optimized version is on the way) are games like Catopult, Achoo! and a game developed exclusively for iOS: Potty Copter.

Now, whether AddictingGames can hold the top spot for the rest of the month (and for when we highlight the top 10 free iOS and Android games) will be even more impressive. The app's Facebook-driven social features are still taking shape, but you can see whether we dug AG on iPhone in our preview right here.

Have you downloaded the AG app for iPhone or your iPod Touch yet? What do you think of flash game portal-style games on social games and now on mobile? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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