Woodland Heroes hits Facebook with furiously furry (and cute) strategy

Woodland Heroes on Facebook
Woodland Heroes on Facebook

Facebook games (and their developers) kind of have a thing for cute, furry creatures. Well, it seems more like an obsession at this point, and while start up studio Orlando, Fla.-based Row Sham Bow isn't exactly helping the situation with Woodland Heroes on Facebook. Though, at least its debut social game takes the furriness in a decidedly new direction ... one that involves catapulting pigs.

Woodland Heroes pits players against the evil King Bear as he tears across the raccoons' treasured forest land with massive armies. The game has you fighting back enemy forces with giant weapons made of sticks and stones (get it?) that launch everything from pigs to acorns in a modern if adorable take on Battleship meets Risk. (Players have to defend captured territories.)

The game, which seems to have launched in early October, looks to straddle the ground between hardcore strategy social games with its combat system and progression and casual games with its approachable characters. According to the company's website, Row Sham Bow is comprised largely of industry veterans, namely from EA Sports.

"Fascinated by the free-to-play space," the company looks to bring fun to social games. Well, raccoons facing bears in epic battles, flinging pigs and boulders at one another is certainly a step in the right direction. Now, all Row Sham Bow needs is to approach Trey Parker and Matt Stone for what would make for an awesome Facebook game.

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