Snooki, Apps Genius to class it up with eight Facebook, mobile games


Known (by me) as this generation's Jerry Springer without the audience, Jersey Shore has already inspired a Facebook game to mild success. Now, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has teamed up with Apps Genius to develop, sell and distribute up to eight social games and mobile applications on Facebook, Google+, Android and iOS.

The first app, still shrouded in mystery, is set to land this November, while three more games are planned for release throughout the following year. We've certainly heard of games branded around TV shows, but this many games surrounding a single celebrity is certainly setting a precedent.

"These games and applications are my new favorite accessories, and I love them to death," Snooki said in a release. "Having worked on these from the beginning, I know Jersey Shore viewers and my other fans will love them. I can't wait to release the first one that we have been working on with Apps Genius."

That sounds like Snooki all right. The Jersey Shore star and New York Times bestselling author (wait, seriously?) will essentially spearhead Apps Genius's new Celebrity Entertainment division. The Red Bank, New Jersey-based company hopes this will inspire new celebs to hop on board. Well, after the stable of Pauly D games releases, of course.

Are you a Jersey Shore fan (come on, you can admit it)? What do you think of Snooki's plans to release a whopping eight games and apps surrounding, well, her? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.