Hotel Worker Quits Job Accompanied By A Marching Band

It can be difficult to muster the strength to leave a downbeat job in a rough economy. But if you do, you might as well quit in style. One hotel worker in Providence, R.I., handed his boss a resignation slip, as a 19-piece marching band commemorated the moment.

Joey had worked at the Providence Renaissance hotel for 3½ years, what TripAdvisor calls the best hotel in the city. "They treat us like s*** here," he tells the camera, before guiding his bandmates through the employee entrance.

The air is thick with anticipation, as the band finds its spot, and Joey paces. A co-worker strolls by, and spotting all the brass, asks "What the hell is this?" before Joey quickly shushes him. Then the boss walks up.

"Guys what is this? he says. "Guys, all of you, out right now!" He points to the door.

"Jared, I'm here to tell you that I'm quitting," Joey says with the cool confidence of someone with all his friends by his side.

On perfect cue, someone counts off from off-camera, and the room erupts with a triumphant cacophony. Joey, a grin plastered on his face, leaves the building for the last time, with a winning-touchdown glow.

In the background, a friend goes to a sign hanging on a wall that reads "This department has worked 3 days without a lost time accident." Presumably, she rubs out the 3 and scribbles in a 0.

The clips, which has already racked up 376,000 views on YouTube, ends with the gang leaving into the night, chanting "Joey quit. Joey quit." The videos that go viral tend to hint at our collective desires, fears, and fantasies. "Joey Quits," it seems, is cathartic to watch, even for those who would never dare quit their job in such a spectacular fashion. Or who don't happen to have 19 band members as buddies.

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