FarmVille Raffle Booth (10/16/11): Buckskin Mini Horse and Giant Pot Fountain top the charts

It's that time again farmers - time to try your luck with the FarmVille Raffle Booth. How many tickets did you claim last week? Hopefully enough to walk away with all five prizes available, but if not, there's always tonight's (well, this week's) new game to try yet again. Unlike previous weeks, where the top two prizes have been available previously (and are therefore not as interesting), tonight we see a prize that animal collectors (specifically horse collectors) are going to love: the Buckskin Mini Horse. Sure, the other prize is a re-hash from previous weeks, but your odds are better for the horse anyway. Score!

As usual, here's the list of prizes available, along with the supposed odds of winning them.

10 Special Delivery Boxes - 1:5
3 Farmhands - 1:20
5 Love Potions - 1:50
Buckskin Mini Horse - 1:200
Giant Pot Fountain - 1:500

Remember, you'll be given a single Raffle Ticket for free with the beginning of this week's event, but can then gather together plenty more by either purchasing them with Farm Cash, or by asking your friends to send them to you. Or, if you're really lucky (or perhaps just casually into the event), you can wait for your friends to voluntarily stock your Raffle Booth with tickets in the hopes that you'll return the favor. Maybe if you do, you'll earn enough luck to walk away with all five of this week's prizes. If so, would you mind passing a little bit of that luck over here?

Have you ever won all five items from a Raffle Booth drawing? Which of the two top prizes are you most hoping to win this week? Sound off in the comments.