FarmVille Pic of the Day: Kailanee's year-round spooky Halloween farm

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Knifing through a massive field of Black Roses like a river, Kailanee's epic FarmVille Halloween farm is built to impress. Kailanee the player is no less impressive: The screen shot shows that Kailanee is Level 103! The farm is a mixture of Limited Edition Halloween specials from last year and this year. The items most released this year include the Candy Corn Home and Candy Corn Trees, the latter of which we first saw used in Onisuka057's farm.

For last year, there is an incredible amount to count, but the most obvious is the Black Roses crop. Kailanee also seems to have collected all the Haunted buildings, which include the Haunted Castle, two kinds of Haunted House, Haunted Hut and the Haunted Tower. I can also spot the Pumpkin Cottage and Frankenstein Lab.

Flanking the sides of this Halloween infrastructural deluge is the Limited Edition FarmVille Sign (from the California theme event) and the Pumpkin Tower. There are even super rare buildings from last year's FarmVille Mystery Game, such as Witch Home and Antiquated Home. Finally, if you look carefully to the left, you'll see the 3-piece Halloween Train set along with car and caboose. That's a lot of premium cash goods. In fact, Kailanee actually quit FarmVille for some time cause she was upset about last year's post-Halloween 50% discount after she had already spent 400 Farm Cash (which is somewhere between $50 to $100 USD depending on the Farm Cash package) on Halloween items.

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