FarmVille: Will you miss the Perfect Bunches feature? [Poll]

Remember Perfect Bunches? Depending on how long you've been playing FarmVille, or how many flower crops you actively grow, the feature may have never crossed your radar. If you'd like a refresher, Perfect Bunches are decorative flowers that you'll receive at random when harvesting flower crops on your farms. These will go inside your Garden Shed, which has a limited storage capacity and can then be used as decorations on your land. However, the time for Perfect Bunches is now over... well, mostly.

That's right, the Perfect Bunches feature has been deleted from FarmVille, but with a few catches. For the basics, we'll no longer be able to receive Perfect Bunches when harvesting (regardless of which farm you're harvested flowers on), and therefore won't be able to share extras with friends or claim extras posted by friends on their own walls. However, if you have a Garden Shed on your farm(s), the Perfect Bunches inside will still function in the same way - allowing them to be used as decoration until they eventually wither.

What's particularly interesting about this feature removal is one of the questions it brings up. Why would the FarmVille team go to the trouble of creating and coding another Garden Shed specifically for the launch of Lighthouse Cove (and storage of Lighthouse Cove flowers) just to delete the feature almost entirely such a short time later? Whatever the case, we're left with another question as well, that we'll leave to you to answer:

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