FarmVille Halloween Items: Black Mini Unicorn, Haunted Farm House and more

In tonight's FarmVille update, we see the launch of quite a few items (some re-releases) in the game's marketplace in the current Halloween limited edition item theme. We'll point out which of these items are brand new, and which are being re-released in the game from previous years / themes, but either way, the safest bet with these items is to check your storage for any of them. When Farm Cash is in the equation, you won't want to needlessly waste it on duplicates! Here's a complete look at what's available.


Halloween Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Big Halloween Tree - 14 Farm Cash

With this pair, we have rather sickly looking dark trees that happen to look pretty cool when they're ready to harvest, as they grow ghosts and pumpkin candy pails on their branches. As usual, you don't need to purchase the "Big" version as you'll have multiple methods to earn one for free. Either purchase the normal sized tree and place it in an Orchard to receive a Mystery Seedling, claim Mystery Seedlings from friends, or even claim fully-grown trees on your friends' walls.


Black Mini Unicorn - 30 Farm Cash
Pilot Pig - 18 Farm Cash
Count Duckula - 14 Farm Cash
Kermode Bear - 1.5 million coins

Here, the Pilot Pig is a re-released animal, first being released in Halloween of 2010. Count Duckula, regardless of his current focus in the game's collection event, is also a re-released animal, while the Kermode Bear doesn't really have anything specific to do with Halloween, but is labeled as such. As another note, the Kermode Bear will be available for just one week in the store, while these other items have a two-week time limit.


Haunted Market - 30 Farm Cash
Haunted Farm House - 20 Farm Cash

If you're like me, you might have more Halloween buildings on your farm than you can really hold, and yet here come two more to add to the theme. Both cost Farm Cash, so I can understand completely if you want to pass on them, but I will say the Haunted Market itself does look rather cool and detailed.


Monster Gnome - 15 Farm Cash
Spooky Swamp - 5 Farm Cash
Spooky Swamp - 80,000 coins
Duck Head Stone - 10,000 coins

Yes, you read that correctly. Not one, but two items in tonight's update have been given the name "Spooky Swamp." Can we say oversight? As it stands, one is a much more detailed item and understandably goes for Farm Cash, while the other has less detail and goes for coins. Still, I wouldn't be surprised if one or both of these items received a name change before they have a chance to expire from the store. Also, one of them is marked at only have 9-10 days in the store, but whether that too is a bug / oversight remains to be seen.

Avatar Costumes

Chicken - 22 Farm Cash
Cat - 22 Farm Cash
Bunny - 22 Farm Cash
Cow - 20 Farm Cash

With these items, we see a bit of a compromise from the outrageous 45 and 50 Farm Cash prices we've seen on previously released costumes, and the somewhat budget prices of 10 Farm Cash for others. Still, I'm not sure dressing my avatar up as a Chicken is worth the price of almost three limited edition trees...

Again, these new items will be available in the game's store for the next two weeks, save for the Kermode Bear which is only with us for a week (and the aforementioned Spooky Swamp issue). Halloween will be upon us before you know it, so if you've yet to decorate your farm(s), why not start now?

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What do you think of these newest Halloween items? Have you decided on a costume for your avatar for this year? Sound off in the comments.