CityVille PSA: Stumpfords' Family Vacation goals will expire soon


Back in August, Zynga - the developer behind CityVille - announced that many of the game's original (or at least extremely old) goal series would be leaving the game. With this announcement, we saw the developer opening the door for even more goals to be added to the game to fill in the blanks, but it looks like we've reached capacity yet again. Why? Well, the Stumpfords (those folks that have been on vacation since late August, have finally decided to go home.

To be specific, this marks the upcoming departure of the Family Vacation goals from the game. This particular goal series contains four parts, and sees you doing things like growing carrots and collecting from Diners, so here's a short recap.

My Way or the Highway

  • Ask for 4 Maps

  • Collect two times from any Library

  • Harvest 50 Carrots

  • Reward: Giant Ball of Twine decoration

Detour Guide

  • Have a Giant Ball of Twine in your town

  • Collect from any Diner five times

  • Send 5 Tour Buses to Burger Joints

  • Reward: 400 Goods

Camping My Style

  • Have 6 Fitness Collection collectibles

  • Ask friends for 4 Mosquito Repellent

  • Pitch Two Tents

  • Reward: Wooden Dino

Hoax Busters

  • Have one Wooden Dino in your City

  • Ask for 10 Pictures of Bigfoot

  • Collect two times from any Level 2 Emergency Clinic

If you've yet to start on any of these goals, then you'll definitely want to move quickly as these goals (and the exclusive prizes therein) will officially leave the game in just over 31 hours, as of this writing. Think that's enough time to finish all four of these goals? Perhaps not, if you haven't already upgraded your Emergency Clinic (and you aren't already on that goal), but you can at least blast your way through the first three with a little luck and lots of determination (and don't forget some help from friends). Good luck!

Have you already finished the Family Vacation goals in CityVille? If not, where are you currently? Do you think you'll have enough time to finish the ones you have left? Sound off in the comments.