CityVille Forsaken Fortress helps you finish goals for a price

Arguably the biggest debate over CityVille's Halloween event isn't whether or not to pay 100 coins to turn your city dark and dreary, but it's over whether the requirement of 3,500 monster citizens in your town is downright crazy or just the slightest bit insane (as, let's face it, it's not the smartest or best thing we've ever seen released).

As a refresher, you'll need to first purchase enough Monster-themed Community Buildings to allow for 3,500 Monsters to be living in your town, and will then need to purchase plenty of smaller Monster-themed homes, taking up tons of space in your town in the process, to eventually reach 3,500. This of course comes as a part of the Halloween-themed goals in the game, and even though complaints have already started spreading like wildfire, circumstances remain unchanged.

Your drama can be avoided, however, if you're willing to shell out an equally large amount of City Cash, as a new home has been released in the game's store - the Forsaken Forteress - for a limited time. In this one home, which costs 85 City Cash, you're given 2,750 Monsters. Again, that's with one building. However, that still doesn't eliminate the need for so many Community Buildings. Throw out another 70 City Cash and you can purchase the Transylvania Station, adding 5,000 Monsters to your total Monster population cap.

With two buildings, you can put this grueling in-game goal to bed, but at a terribly high price. Granted, these items look incredibly neat, along with having those great stats, but are they worth the price? You tell us.

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Should we be required to spend that much City Cash just to avoid cluttering our towns with tons of smaller homes and community buildings to complete goals? Will you purchase any of these City Cash decorations to speed up your progress? Sound off in the comments.