Cafe World Great Cool-Off Goals: Everything you need to know

While some areas of the country may be cooling down as we head into fall, apparently you cafe in Cafe World is still smokin' hot! Imagine how inconvenient it would be, then, if the air conditioning suddenly went out! Well, that's the problem being tackled in the game's latest set of goals, as you'll need to help Ziggy come up with a fix for the A/C problem since the repairman is nowhere to be found. Sure, this is an incredibly far-fetched design for a series of goals in a cooking game, but you'll earn some cold new recipes to serve your guests to keep them cold as well. Let's get started.

Great Cool-Off 1

  • Ask for 6 Thermometers

  • Serve 25 Corned Beef

  • Serve Chocolate Cream Pie 15 Times

If these dishes aren't the ones that show up in your own game (they likely won't be), it's because Zynga has yet again flipped the "random" switch, giving users different dishes to cook to complete the same goals. Remember, these dishes' cooking times should even out at the end so that each individual user has had to spend roughly the same amount of time cooking overall, but there's no way for us to predict the exact dishes for each particular goal you'll receive.

Great Cool-Off 2

  • Ask for 6 French Lemons

  • Serve 18 Chocolate Cream Pies

  • Ask for 8 Chilled Creams

Since Chocolate Cream Pie has shown up twice here, it's likely that one of these times (if not both) is static across all goals. Even if that's not the case, we'll go ahead and remind you that it takes 10 hours to prepare. When you finish this goal, you'll receive a new recipes: Frozen Lemon Custard.

Great Cool-Off 3

  • Serve Frozen Lemon Custard 20 Times

  • Serve 18 Overstuffed Peppers

  • Spice 3 of your dishes

It doesn't look to matter which spices you use, so feel free to use peppers or salts if you don't want to waste anything else.

Great Cool-Off 4

  • Ask for 8 Bags of Ice

  • Serve 20 Rackasaurus Ribs

  • Serve Apple Cider 10 Times

Apple Cider is found on the first page of the Drink Bar, and costs just nine energy to create. You'll receive five servings, so just run through those twice and you'll be done.

Great Cool-Off 5

  • Ask for 8 Fresh Cherries

  • Serve 20 Elegant Cupcakes

  • Serve Vanilla Ice Cream 10 Times

For this goal, the final prize is the Cherries Jubilee recipe (a very pretty color of ice cream).

Great Cool-Off 6

  • Serve 30 Taste Lab Dishes with Potatoes

  • Serve Cherries Jubilee 12 Times

  • Ask for 10 A/C Parts

The Taste Lab dishes are those "Signature Dishes" that you can create manually using various ingredients. You'll just need to create a single dish using Potatoes, and then serve it 30 times to finish this one off.

Great Cool-Off 7

  • Master Frozen Lemon Custard through Level 2

  • Serve 20 Sisigs

  • Serve Mint Ice Cream 10 Times

Remember, these Ice Cream recipes are found inside the Ice Cream Cart, which works similarly to the Drink Bar. Mint requires 35 energy to serve, and you'll earn eight servings to pass out to hungry guests.

Great Cool-Off 8

  • Ask for 8 Watermelons

  • Serve 40 Creamy Corn Soup

  • Ask for 10 Yellow Onions

For finishing this final goal in the Great Cool-Off series, you'll receive one final, cool dish to serve to guests before they all run away from the heat: Watermelon Gazpacho. As usual, you'll then be able to cook this dish as you would any other, but as the goal series is now over, you can also feel free to ignore it and get back to work on other things. It's all up to you.

What do you think of these Great Cool-Off goals in Cafe World? Do you think the theme of these goals was cute and creative, or did it stretch imagination a bit too far? Sound off in the comments.