Barber Carved 'Fool' Into Hair Of Learning Disabled Man, Court Told

UK barber shaved foolWho's the fool now? A barber in England is facing jail after he allegedly carved the word "FOOL" into the hair of a man with learning disabilities and described as a "vulnerable adult."

Michael Ricketts, 49, who has difficulty with speech and communicating, had a particular design in mind when he went to the Bristol barber shop where Michael Campbell (pictured at left) cuts hair.

Instead, a court was told last week, Campbell, 35, carved the word "fool," along with a smiley face, in inch-high letters into Ricketts' hair, according to a report in The Guardian newspaper.

Campbell denies the two charges against him, including assault, telling the court that he had shaved the word "cool," which was then misinterpreted by those who saw the design.

Campbell isn't a licensed haircutter and had worked at the shop for just three weeks when Ricketts came in for a haircut in February, according to TheGuardian. The barber told the court that he hadn't noticed the Jamaican-born customer's difficulties communicating, which include mumbled speech.

No photographs exist of the haircut, so the court is having to rely on witness testimony.

One of those testifying, care worker Jackie Lester, told the court that she spotted the word when Ricketts visited her a few days after getting his hair cut.

"Michael had the word 'fool' written on the back of his head, with a little line meant to be a smiley face," she said. "I was really shocked."

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