Something is a brewin' for the Angry Birds this Halloween [Video]

Angry Birds Halloween
Angry Birds Halloween

These days, the Angry Birds are almost always up to something. Coming hot off of their tour on the big screen (not thatbig screen), Rovio has released a teaser trailer for an upcoming update to its mega popular casual game. While we're given no gameplay footage or even a hint as to what version this update will arrive at, we can certainly deduce a lot from this trailer.

The clip sees three tiny blue birds dressed up to trick-or-treat (likely the largely useless cluster birds) come across a spooky camp ground and a bucket with, well, something inside of it. Since the update is undoubtedly Halloween-themed, we're going to guess that this is an update to Angry Birds Seasons. And it almost seems as if a new bird or enemy will join the peeved off little birds.

Remember, this would mark the first anniversary of the Seasons spin-off game, which almost randomly launched as Angry Birds Halloween in 2010. Considering how close we are to the joyous day of gorging on candy and dressing up like idiots, expect Rovio to release more details on this new Angry Birds content shortly.

[Via Pocket Gamer]

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