FarmVille: Animal Mastery and Crop/Tree Mastery statues permanently added to the store

While we had already brought you news concerning the Platinum Mastery Statue in FarmVille, that particular statue disappointed many farmers as its effects only worked on crops and trees. If you're more of an animal collector than anything else, you'll now be happy to know that a specific "Animal Mastery" Statue has been launched in the game's store. Along with that, the Platinum Statue has received a name change to be more clear.

Now, the Crop / Tree Mastery Statue (formerly the Platinum Mastery Statue) and Animal Mastery Statues can be found in the game's marketplace under the "Farm Aides" category. Both of these statues work permanently on your farm to provide you with double the mastery points on either crops and trees, or animals, for life, depending on which one you choose. These bonuses don't stack with events that may launch for holidays and the like - you'll simply gain double the mastery points on all items harvested of those particular categories.

The prices? The Crop / Tree Mastery Statue costs 300 Farm Cash, and the Animal Mastery Statue itself costs 250 Farm Cash. No one said the cost of convenience was cheap, as these prices most certainly aren't. Still, remember that if you already have a Platinum Mastery Statue on your land, you don't need to purchase the Crop / Tree Mastery Statue as it has the same effect. If you just must spend that much Farm Cash, why not pick up the animal version as well? Heck, you'll even save 50 Farm Cash in the process!

Are these statues worth it? You tell us. Will you ever purchase an Animal Mastery Statue in FarmVille, or are you more of a tree and crop farmer. Sound off in the comments!