RockYou to cast Hooked into Facebook's waters next week [Exclusive]

Between Zoo World and Gourmet Ranch (among other titles), Facebook developer RockYou lays claim to over five million monthly active players. Hoping to add to that player base, we've received exclusive info from developers on the company's newest title--Hooked--set to launch in beta sometime next week.

Hooked is the first title from RockYou's new studio in Redwood City, California, and it offers casino-style video poker and slots in the popular 60-second "blitz" gameplay format. The game's theme is an "undersea fantasy world" (just check out those adorable card fish in the logo), and it will offer various gameplay modes depending on each user's desired play style.

You'll be able to play in synchronous multiplayer, along with a solo mode. Both modes offer a variety of weekly leaderboards that will compare your stats to your friends. When the game launches in beta next week, early adopters will be given extra incentive to come back through "Tickets," which seem to be a type of currency that we'll be able to use on a variety of different features that won't yet be available at launch, but will come soon after release.

One feature we do know of however will be cross-platform capabilities, as a mobile version of Hooked will launch shortly after the launch of Hooked on Facebook. The specific mobile platforms weren't made clear to us, but we'll make sure to follow up with that as we know more. Looking forward to playing Hooked when it launches on Facebook? Check back with us next week as we'll hopefully be able to take a look at RockYou's new title in all of its underwater, animated glory.

Do you like 60-second, fast-paced gameplay setups, or do you enjoy games that aren't rushed, allowing you to really take your time? Sound off in the comments.

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