Empires & Allies: Campaign Mastery now available

If you've been looking for extra incentive to go back and play some of the easier campaigns (or islands) in Empires & Allies, you now have plenty, as Zynga has introduced campaign mastery to the game this week. Campaign Mastery works simply, but keep in mind that even if you've already completed an Island, you'll apparently still start out at zero for each one.

When you complete every battle on "certain" islands a second time, you'll earn a star on that island. Complete them all again for a second star and so on until you've earned all three stars. Of course, repeating any mission in the game is mostly voluntary, but if you want to earn some special new rewards, you'll want to go back. When you earn a star of mastery for any island / campaign, you'll also earn a Token. Sometime in the future, these Tokens will serve as a form of currency, allowing you to trade them in for rewards.

There's no word yet as to when you'll be able to start trading in these Tokens, or the exact prizes that you'll earn, but I wouldn't be surprised if there will be limited edition decorations or even new units up for grabs. Either way, if you've simply run out of things to do, or are just feeling nostalgic, make sure to go back and start repeating this missions for extra rewards, and save those Tokens!

Let us know what sorts of items you'd like to win via Campaign Mastery Tokens in the comments. Will you repeat all of your previously completed island for mastery stars, or does "mastery" simply not matter to you?