Adventure World Poacher Problems Expedition: Everything you need to know

Two new Expeditions have been added to Adventure World, on top of those already in the game, and unlocked as you level up. These two newest Expeditions deal with a problem of poaching, with the first being called "Poacher Problems!" Apparently, some poachers are out to hunt baby monkeys, and your task is to stop them! This Expedition requires 850 Goods, and three each of Food, Fuel and Water. It has a three-day time limit, so let's get started.

Rescue the Baby Monkeys!

  • Rescue 6 Baby Monkeys

  • Ask friends for 6 Jars or Banana Puree

  • Feed the Baby Monkeys 6 Jars of Banana Puree

For this overall mission, you'll need to walk around the map rescuing Baby Monkeys either from cages or nets. Once they're rescued, they'll automatically warp to be with their parents, making them easier to find later on (they're downright tiny otherwise!). You'll earn the Banana Puree by sending out individual gift requests to your friends, and will then have to come back to the map and feed it to the Baby Monkeys.

Create Monkey Decoys

  • Gather 6 Cocoa Beans

  • Gather 6 Pieces of Cotton

  • Gather 3 Poison Arrow Frogs

  • Place 3 Sock Monkeys

To thwart the poachers, while also rescuing the Monkeys that have already been captured, you'll need to create fake, sock monkeys. All three ingredients - the Cotton, Poison Arrow Frogs and Cocoa Beans - are scattered about the map, with some being blocked by debris or other obstacles. Here's a look at a harvested Cocoa Bean Tree and a Poison Arrow Frog for your reference.

Sabotage the Poachers

  • Steal 3 Poacher Maps

  • Sabotage the Poachers' Jeep

  • Sabotage the Poachers' Motorcycle

Apparently, your efforts haven't gone unnoticed, and the poachers are ready to escape via car and motorcycle. You'll need to find the maps on top of fairly large brown crates, and then click on their Jeep and Motorcycle enough times to finally break it.

By the time you finish these two side-quests, hopefully you will have collected enough Banana Puree from your friends to put this entire Expedition away. If not, remember that you do have a full three days to complete it, so even if you have to send out multiple waves of requests to the same few friends that do respond, you should be able to finish in time. Good luck!

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Have you started this Poacher-themed Expedition, or have you already completed it and moved onto the next? Sound off in the comments.