Adventure World Poacher Peak Expedition: Everything you need to know

The poachers in Adventure World are becoming more sinister by the second, as not only have they tried to steal baby monkeys in the Poacher Problem! Expedition, but they're now trying to poach albino Rams for their horns! In a second poaching Expedition - Poacher Peak - you're sent up the mountain to help save the Rams and hopefully put an end to the poachers activities. To start, you'll need 1,150 Supplies, and three each of Food, Fuel and Water. You'll have a three day time limit to complete this Expedition, so let's get started!

Stop the Horn Poachers!

  • Use four Ram Horns to Blast the Path

  • Ask friends for 8 Black Dye

  • Use the 8 Dyes on the Freed Albino Rams

This Expedition is a bit complicated, as you'll need to spend some time waiting for your friends to send you items - in this case, the Black Dye. Since the poachers only want the horns of albino Rams, what better way to throw them off of the trail than to dye our albino Rams black, making their horns seem worthless? First, you'll need to find the Rams tied to stakes around the map. Once you click on them, they'll be freed, and you'll need to dye them to black once you start collecting the dye vials from friends. As for the Ram Horns, these are found near precarious sections of the mountain. By activating them, you'll destroy sections of rocks leading to the poachers tents, and will destroy the tents themselves.

I Spy with My Little Eye

  • Use 6 Scopes to Learn What the Poachers were Surveying

  • Use the Poacher Map to Pinpoint their Hidden Lair

Scopes are scattered throughout the map, sometimes hidden behind clouds or just blocked by debris and other obstacles. Once you activate them, you'll see what looks to be the entrance to a mine, containing (again, we're assuming) shiny blue gemstones. Perhaps that's what the poachers were really after all along!

Ghost of a Chance

  • Activate the 4 Film Projectors to set up Ghost Illusions

  • Activate the 4 Fog Machines to complete Ghost Illusions

As one final attempt to scare the poachers off for good, why not set up film reels containing massive goats to scare them off? Yeah, it's a pretty silly mission, but it's also fairly easy to complete, as the items are located in pairs around the map, so once you find one, the other item isn't far off.

All in all, the biggest portion of the length of this particular Expedition will likely come in waiting for your friends to send you Black Dye. You can find a vial of dye located in the poacher's main camp as well, so make sure to grab that as you go along for a freebie. Either way, you've got three days to finish off this particular Expedition, so just be vigilant in using your energy each time you build some back up and you should do fine. Good luck!

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Have you already started on this Poacher Peak Expedition? What do you think of it, compared to the many other Expeditions we've taken a look at so far? Which one is your favorite? Sound off in the comments.