The World's Richest Panhandler

He was called by Lenny Bruce as "one of the most brilliant comedians of all time," but he spends his days panhandling in the streets of New York City.

Irwin Corey, 97, has spent the last 17 years traipsing up and down 35th Street in Manhattan, in search of change from charitable drivers about to enter the Queens-Midtown tunnel. But unlike most other beggars in New York's city streets, Corey's panhandling has nothing to do with his own survival. According to reports in the Daily Mail and The New York Times, the nonagenarian lives more than comfortably ensconced in a 19th century carriage house in the tony East Midtown section of Manhattan. He estimates the house to be worth some $3.5 million, and can thank an acting and comedy career that has seen him perform alongside the likes of Woody Allen and Jackie Gleason for his fortune.