Infographic: 35 percent of social gamers never played video games

First, it's understood that social games are dominated by soap-loving casual gamers. Then, we find that the amount of hardcore gamers on Facebook are growing. After that, it's found that a large amount of social game fans actually own game consoles. Now, an infographic by Mashable reports that a whopping "35 percent of social gamers have no previous gaming experience."

If anything, we now know that social game fans are the most diverse group of gamers the industry has ever seen. Well, it's either that or at least one of the upteen studies, infographics or surveys on the topic is completely wrong. Mashable's Zachary Sniderman also found in his research, titled "The Economics of Social Gaming," that one in every five Americans over the age of six has played a social game. That figure amounts to nearly 60 million Americans.

Of course, the infographic finds that Facebook is the dominant social game platform, with 83 percent of social gamers using the social network to get their daily farming fix. What's most interesting is the finding that 28 percent of U.S. and UK-based social game fans have paid real money for virtual currency. This is leaps and bounds beyond usual the 3 to 5 percent figure thrown around to estimate the amount of paying social gamers

Keep in mind while reading this fancy-looking infographic that the term "social gamer" could mean anything from fans of free-to-play games like MapleStory to Facebook games and perhaps even mobile social games. At this point, what's important to take away is that social game fans could very well be the most diverse type of gamer from demographics to play habits.

What do you think of these new numbers compared to studies released in the past? Are you part of the 35 percent that has never played a traditional game before social games? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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