Game of the Day: Snow Lemmings

snow lemmings game of the day
"Hey dude."

"Hey man, you have something on your shoulder, let me get that for y- WHOAAA!"

And that's how it all started. Two snow lemmings on a cliff take one wrong step and are sent careening down the snowy slopes. Maneuver the runaway lemming snowball to pick up additional lemmings. Carefully dodge trees and boulders to save the lemmings from their almost certain doom. Can you save the lemmings after their deadly slip?

Click here to play Snow Lemmings!
snow lemmings game of the day snow lemmings game of the day
Pro Tips:
  • Don't go too fast! While still a beginner, go slowly down the course. Once you get a feel for how the lemmings handle you can start zooming down the mountain.
  • When you see a tree warning, slow down and wait for a piece of flat ground before the tree. Leap off that bit of ground, hold forward, and clear it with ease.
  • When you see a boulder, try to jump over it without touching it at all. If you don't think you're going to clear it, simply hit it from behind once. This will prevent you from losing lemmings down the mountain when you get repeatedly hit by the boulder.

Click here to play Snow Lemmings!

Were you able to make it safely to the bottom of the mountain?
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